The development of activities will not subject to weather conditions, only in case when the guides consider that they can endanger the integrity of the participants. They may choose to take an alternative route or cancel the activity.

For an alternative route be performed, will not entail any amount paid back. In the case that the day of completion of the activity, the guides decided the postponement of it, due to weather conditions or problems outside the organization, a new date proposed by the company will be established, giving the option to registered participants to exchange such activity for another or refund 100% of the cost of the activity.

Participants accept the publication of photographs taken during the various activities on the web, as well as all advertising platforms Andandopormálaga deems appropriate. Only when there is a written request, by the participant to not post your image in any medium, Andandopormálaga will not use photographs taken during different activities.

Participant Obligations

  • Participants who hire any of the services provided Andandopormálaga are aware that it will carry out an activity of active tourism or adventure sport, assuming the risks of the activity and the possibility of suffering a freak accident in the natural environment.
  • Participants are subject to the instructions of the guides accompanying the group, these being responsible for the management of the activity,
  • In the case that a one participant or several participants voluntarily decide to ignore the instructions of the guides that are on the group, the guides and Andandopormálaga will not be responsible of them.
  • Participants must wear proper equipment to perform a sports activity in the natural environment, meaning: clothing and footwear, warm and waterproof clothing.
  • Participants are obliged to communicate to Andandopormálaga if they have any type of illness or disability that could alter the normal functioning of the activity.
  • The guides will have the power to deny participation to those participants that do not carry the right equipment for the activity or lack adequate physical condition for the effort to be carried out, resulting in no refund.
  • Children under 18 years old involved in any activity organized by Andandopormálaga must submit to monitor an authorization signed by the parents or guardians of the child.
  • The company will not be responsible for any damage or deterioration that could indict a participant from misuse, neglect or omission in the place, installations or spaces used for carrying out activities.

Reservations and subcriptions.

Participants should book activities through the available media for this purpose, and will be asked a series of data necessary to identify participants and include them in the various policies that have subscribed. Payment will be requested in advance 100% of the total amount. The payment thereof may be made by bank transfer or at the same office.


In the case that the participants cancel its participation in the activity, the amount will be refunded based on:

  • 100% when this is done 10 days before it.
  • 50% between the 9th and 4th day before the activity.
  • 0% after the 4th day. Failure to present the day of the activity does not involve any refund.

Taking part in any of the activities Andandopormálaga implies full acceptance by the participant of the general conditions, which are valid contract. In the case that a participant enrolls several participants or a group, he will be obliged to inform the general conditions set to the other participants registered by him.

Andandopormálaga will not take over the supplies of the participants except the activities that indicate the opposite. Andandopormálaga undertakes to carry out its program published on the web on the dates indicated, provided that the minimum conditions described in each activity.